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About Me About Me

I’m a health coach and fitness professional,

here to help you get in the best shape of your life with my sustainable, whole-body approach to wellness. I believe we should all stop obsessing over food and start loving our bodies. I’ll show you how to burn fat, tone up, and optimize your habits so you can transform your body and life!

Together, we’ll get you to reach your health goals in a way that supports sustainable weight loss and overall wellness.

As a certified metabolic health expert, fat loss coach, personal trainer, and self-love advocate, I’ve long been a lover of life and all things health and fitness.

Brought up with a very active lifestyle, I have a burning passion for helping women unlock their highest potential and truly thrive. My early years of playing sports and competing led me down this path of health and wellness. After earning my bachelor's degree in exercise science, I went on to earn specialty certifications including Kettlebell training, trigger point therapy, group exercise instruction and metabolic effect nutritional consulting.

I was also cast in the Beachbody home fitness and nutrition program, INSANITY Max:30, and the INSANITY Infomercial. Spending the beginning of my career working as a certified personal trainer, I quickly became consumed by the grind. Struggling to find a balance between eating healthy, exercising, and finding time for self-care, I began to struggle with my weight. It wasn't until I discovered the power of harnessing my metabolism that I was able to lose the weight and keep it off with ease.

I now spend my time helping women free themselves from the dieting mindset and embrace a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, by creating actionable goals to guide them along their journey to happiness.

My philosophy revolves around movement, sustainability, and finding what works for individual lifestyles. I believe life deserves to be lived and that means freedom from food obsession.

My note to you:

I know that if you’re here, you're likely frustrated and spinning your wheels trying every diet out on the market, hopelessly searching for the one that will work for you. I know you are tired of putting in the work but up until this point, the results have been marginal. I want you to know I have been there too, but there is another way.

I'll show you how to kick-start a healthier lifestyle, master your metabolism, and find a fat loss formula that works for both your body and your lifestyle. Together, we will break through all of the white noise encouraging you to eat less and exercise more, and find the routine that gets you out of the gym faster and back to living your life.

Thank you for being here!


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