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A 90 Day Fat Loss Accelerator for Busy Women

Are you ready to burn more fat, keep it off & finally break free from that diet plan?

  • Are you tired of the endless workouts, feeling miserable on yet another program and still never seeing the scale budge?
  • Are you done feeling burnt out and so ready to have the energy to go out with your friends without fear of undoing all of your hard work?
  • Are you sick of stressing about your weight, constantly falling off track and starting over every Monday?
  • Are you ready to KNOW how to eat and exercise for YOUR BODY and finally shed the fat?
If so, my 1:1 Coaching Program is perfect for you!

I’ve been there, girl.

Burnt out, exhausted, busting my butt and never getting closer to my health goals. I didn't understand what I was doing wrong, I followed the diet plan exactly as it was laid out, increased my cardio, barely ate carbs and yet the scale wouldn't budge; in fact, it was going up. It was this constant cycle of eating perfectly Monday through Friday, falling off
track over the weekend and then restarting the process over again.

I was so frustrated putting in the work but never reaping the reward, wondering why none of these diet plans worked for
me and wishing I could find the one that actually stuck. I was tied to the scale, felt like a stranger in my skin, 15 pounds
overweight, wondering why it seemed so easy for everyone else.

Here was what I didn't realize: it wasn't the plan that was the problem, it was the approach.

it was the approach.

I was doing all the things I THOUGHT you were supposed to do in order to shed the weight.  One diet would transition over to the next, and before I knew it, I had thrown my hormones off balance, slowed my metabolism and found myself gaining weight faster than I could comprehend. 

That is how my approach to health developed. I yearned for freedom from this life so focused on my diet and weight and not on what truly mattered.

I created my program to teach you the tools and strategies necessary to harness YOUR metabolism and finally burn the fat. Enough of the one-size-fits-all approaches, quick fixes and detox teas.  

I’ll teach you how to eat and exercise for your individual body and lifestyle, and create a system that fits seamlessly into your life, not the other way around. It is time for fat loss to feel EASY, to not feel consumed by your diet and fitness plan and to get back to living your life.

I did, and you can too!

My program is for you if...

  • You are sick of feeling tied to Myfitnesspal tracking every gram of food you eat and being consumed by your diet, day in and day out.
  • You want to stop stressing about family parties and social gatherings.
  • You are ready to eat the food you love without fear of gaining weight.
  • You are done spending hours in the gym every day and missing out on brunch with your girls.
  • You are ready to FINALLY have balance with your health, fitness and social life!

Imagine if...

  • Shopping became fun, because you no longer had to avoid that dreaded dressing room lighting.
  • You spent less time in the gym and more time out with your friends, doing the things you love.
  • You could go to a restaurant and order off of the menu without guilt or remorse.
  • You didn't have to second guess an invitation because you felt confident in your skin.

This 12 week program is broken up
into 3 pillars:

Month 01

The Foundation

Learn how to master your metabolism, create strategies that make eating well quick and easy. Feel confident maneuvering the grocery store and nutrition labels. Burn more fat with less time and effort, and never need a diet plan again!
Month 02


Learn how to kick cravings and increase your willpower! Understand why stress and other hormones are impacting your fat loss and how you can improve this! Learn how to eat well on a budget and tackle temptation.
Month 03

Thriving & Food

Learn how to incorporate intermittent fasting to improve your overall health and live lean. Develop your core system to keep the weight off long after the program has finished, travel without the fear of falling off track and get customized modules to finish the program strong!

After completing
the course,

you will :
  • Understand how to harness your metabolism to burn more fat, balance your hormones naturally and eat to fuel your body in a way that is sustainable and enjoyable.
  • Learn strategies to tackle social settings, dining out and making healthy choices on the run.
  • Be able to create your own personal fat loss formula that fits your lifestyle without sacrifice or deprivation.
  • Find clarity on the activities to focus on in order to maximize your fat burning potential, without spending hours on the treadmill or avoiding all the carbs.
  • Learn how to reduce inflammation and toxin exposure in your body and your life.
  • Improve the quality of your health, increase your energy and create BALANCE in living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

So, are you ready to lose the weight once and for all? It’s time. Let’s get you there together!

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1:1 Testimonials

"This program with Shannon has taught me so much about myself and the science behind how MY body works. But I would say the most valuable lesson that I have learned is how to improve myself not from a place of hate, but rather from a place of love...This program focuses on developing a healthy sustainable lifestyle that works for YOU."

Julissa G.

"Before working with Shannon, I had somewhat of a mixed outlook on health and fitness. It seemed like an unreachable goal for me. I've tried many programs and found that most of them stressed me out more than they'd helped me. My nutrition was off balance as I tried to quickly lose weight but gain muscle at the same time. I would tend to burn out about halfway through, feeling as though I was far in over my head and I'd never get it right. After working with Shannon, I feel refreshed and renewed. Shannon has put me on a path where I have a strong fitness and nutritional foundation that I can use to grow in the time to come. I have been able to quiet the perfectionist in me and be patient and kind to myself. I have seen real physical and mental growth with this program. All the things I've learned I can use in my daily life, both in and out of the gym. It's really been an exceptional experience."

Tanya P.

"Going through Shannon’s lessons, I learned how to tailor my diet and exercise to fit ME! Finally, it wasn’t a one size fits all program where I had to try to figure it out on my own. She was there every step of the way, rooting me on and helping me tweak when I wasn’t seeing results.... I now have the tools to change diet and exercise when they are no longer serving my needs. I’m not playing a guessing game and hoping my body responds. I have more energy and feeling more confident every day. I am now living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle."

Candice B.

"Shannon is an amazing health coach! She keeps things real and speaks the truth about kicking cravings and boosting metabolism to burn fat! It's not a magic pill or a soul-sucking diet, it's about optimizing your health choices in a way that works for you, now and for years to come. I love her holistic approach that avoids dieting and restrictions. She makes the process easy and fun and caters it to YOU and your goals. If you are looking for support with healthy weight loss, cravings, and being your healthiest most vibrant self, Shannon is 100% your girl!"

Lawrence T.

"I love how this 12-week course was broken down into simple, easy to digest topics. I never once felt overwhelmed. Shannon made communication so easy and I felt so comfortable working with her; never judged. I just followed what she said and trusted the process. I can't believe the transformation my mind has gone through in addition to my body!"

Jess G.

"Shannon's program was exactly what I had been looking for. After years of chronic dieting my metabolism and hormones were in need of some major repair. Having someone to help guide me through this process was key. Shannon showed me how I could live a more balanced life, finally ditch the diet mentality, and feel comfortable in my own skin."

Meghan S.

"I started training with Shannon to generally tone up and get ready for my wedding. I have always been relatively fit but wanted to look and feel stronger. From the moment I met Shannon, I felt completely comfortable with her. Through training with Shannon, my overall strength and fitness improved SO much in a short time. Each workout was completely tailored to my personal goals. Shannon listened to me and adjusted my workouts to help me progress. Shannon is careful, observant, and MOTIVATING. She makes working out FUN! I was always excited to go to the gym when I was working out with Shannon. She pushed me to achieve fitness goals far beyond what I would do on my own. I was able to lower my body fat percentage from 27% to 18% while working with Shannon. I felt and looked absolutely incredible at my wedding thanks to Shannon!"

Kristen B.

" Before working with Shannon, I had tried every type of dieting program. I tried Weight Watchers, counting macros, not eating carbs. These all work for a little bit but then you go back to the way you normally eat and the weight comes back. Working 1:1 with Shannon was an amazing experience. She taught me so much about fitness and sustainability. I learned that you don't have to track everything you eat but you should be mindful. Shannon taught me a lot about how to eat and how to handle many aspects of my life not just diet and fitness. If I had not worked with Shannon, I think I would still be in the same yo-yo dieting cycle. I would absolutely recommend Shannon because she is more than a health and fitness coach. She inspired me to break down fears I had and pushed me to overcome obstacles that I probably never would have. She is encouraging and always roots for her clients in every aspect of life. Overall, I was able to lose inches and build muscle definition. My relationship with food was drastically improved. I would recommend Shannon to everyone, she is the absolute best and so supportive."

Jackie W.


How long is the course?

This is a 12-week program comprised of online video modules, written content and zoom video chats with Shannon.

What is included in this program?

Access to the your membership portal, where you can locate all videos, and written content. Five, one-hour and two, half-hour zoom calls with Shannon to review course material and receive personalized coaching. Email/WhatsApp correspondence with Shannon as well as access to her Private Facebook Group, Project Metabolism, a place for support, accountability and community.

Does this program include a specific nutrition plan and workout program?

You will receive a diet methodology and workout routine tailored specifically to your metabolic identity where you can then incorporate your own favorite meals and exercise formats. The workout program does require a gym membership.

Does this program require me to purchase any other additional supplements?

There are no additional required purchases. Shannon will recommend tools and products that can support you on your journey however, all are simply recommendations you can look into.

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