A 90 day fat loss accelerator for busy women

Are you ready quit "Trying" to lose the weight and finally start seeing results so you can feel confident in your skin again?

  • Have you been on your weight loss path for years but struggle with consistency, especially in your nutrition?
  • Do you desire feeling confident in your skin and body again, being able to love who you see in the mirror?
  • Do you feel as though your body is never a reflection of the time and effort you're putting into working out and eating clean and are ready to see results?
  • Do you lack the accountability and support you need to quit yo-yoing with your weight, falling off track, and break free from self-sabotage?
  • Do you need a simple and efficient plan to lose weight that works with your already busy schedule?
If so, Lean Body Blueprint is perfect for you!

I’ve been in your shoes, girl.

My name is Shannon and I created this program because I was doing everything right yet not seeing results too.

LBB is the exact program I wish existed when I was trapped spending hours in the gym doing exhausting cardio, struggling to stay consistent in my eating, falling off track every week, feeling consumed by my weight.

Here was what I didn't realize: it wasn't myself that was the problem

it was my approach to weight loss

I’ve been on both sides of the picture. Fit and lean but obsessed by food, chained to hours of cardio a day. Yet also overweight, uncomfortable in my body, and lacking any resemblance of self-confidence. Not a lot of coaches out there will be able to understand where you’re at on your journey like I do. 

I understand what it’s like to feel as though you’ve tried everything to lose weight and have nothing work. I know how food can consume your thoughts; you’re hungry, frustrated, and exhausted. You pick a new rigid program to follow, stick to it for a few weeks, but blame yourself when you can’t keep up the rules. I did the same thing for years! You are not alone! 

The truth is, I was never able to become successful until I ditched the quick fix, got support, and found what worked for my body and my lifestyle; maybe you’re realizing the same thing. I do not support low carb diets. I do not condone quick-fix weight loss or aggressive dieting techniques. I’m all about getting back to, and mastering the basics!

The diet and fitness industry is overloaded with quick fix solutions and rapid results, which only leave you with one thing, frustration. 

After spending years almost 8 years trying to lose weight the wrong way, I'm here to cut through the noise and provide an easy 5 step system to get you results and the self-confidence you desire!

You don't lack willpower, self disciple, or motivation. You're missing a plan that works for your lifestyle.

In LBB I apply the four pillars of simple yet effective nutritionexercise, mindset, and daily habits to transform your body, your relationship with food, and end the struggle with consistency. Together we'll develop a routine that works for your busy lifestyle, overcome the negative self talk and thinking that once held you back, and generate a powerful long lasting transformation so you never have to worry about your weight again.

I lost the weight and have kept it off for over three+ years,
and you can too!

Imagine if...

  • You knew exactly what to eat no matter where you are, never feeling deprived, and breaking free of the fear of falling off track!
  • You looked in the mirror and felt confident, proud, and strong in your skin!
  • You got that spark back! Workouts no longer felt like a chore and your health/fitness was back to being a part of your life, not the entire thing.
  • You never had to hide from photos, turn down an invite, or cover up at the beach because of your weight.
  • You never had to stress over food, start back over on Monday, or worry about your weight again!

What you'll receive in LBB...

  • 8 weeks of customized workouts tailored to home or the gym. Your program includes mobile access to your program and video demonstrations for proper form and technique.
  • Bi-weekly 30 minute zoom coaching calls with Shannon for 1:1 attention and guidance.
  • Weekly check-ins.
  • 24/7 Whatsapp text support with Shannon.
  • Lifetime access to the LBB curriculum and updates.
  • Comprehensive nutrition support including a grocery guide, master foods list, meal prep breakdown, snack cheat sheet, recipe guide, meal template, template and more!
  • Handouts and weekly tasks to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle!

In LBB I'll take you through
my 5 step method to sustainable results:

Step 01

Your Mindset

Auditing your current thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors holding you back so you can break free from self-sabotage and the struggle with consistency.

Set clear goals and uncover your "Why" for lasting motivation.
Step 02

Your Nutrition

Develop freedom around food and learn how to structure your meals throughout the day.

In this step you'll learn how to eat for fat loss, interpret nutrition labels, grocery shop with ease and meal prep in under 60 minutes. All while creating balance in your diet to never feel deprived.
Step 03

Your Training

Learn what types of exercise are most effective for fat loss and how to build and efficient fat burning metabolism.

Learn how to eat more, workout less, break through plateaus, and stay on track without fear no matter your location.
Step 04

Your Metabolism

Eliminate hunger and cravings by learning how to listen to your body and increase your natural fat burning potential.

Heal your relationship with your body, overcome negative self talk, and ditch the bloat.
Step 05

Your Lifestyle

Create daily and weekly routines, so you feel prepared and organized in fitting your goals into your schedule.

Implement daily and weekly stress management practices. Hack bad habits, and learn how to transition into a mindful way of eating and living post-program for ultimate balance.

After completing
the course,

you will:
  • Develop a sustainable routine for your health and fitness that fits into your schedule and you can maintain long after the 90 days.
  • Have freedom from all or nothing thinking around food, so you can eat foods you love guilt free!
  • No longer be on a diet! Rather you'll be able to eat more and workouts less!
  • Obtain balance in your routine so you can enjoy a social life and see results without sacrifice.
  • Understand how to eat to fuel your body and increase your energy without obsessing over calories or tracking points.
  • Hack negative habits and thinking that previously led to regaining weight or falling off track.
  • Feel confident maneuvering holidays, vacations, travels, and social settings with ease.
  • Have built an efficient metabolism to eliminate hunger and cravings and keep the weight off for good!

Ready to lose the weight and get your life back? Let’s get you there together!

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What my clients are saying:

"This program with Shannon has taught me so much about myself and the science behind how MY body works. But I would say the most valuable lesson that I have learned is how to improve myself not from a place of hate, but rather from a place of love...This program focuses on developing a healthy sustainable lifestyle that works for YOU."

Julissa G.

"Before working with Shannon, I had somewhat of a mixed outlook on health and fitness. It seemed like an unreachable goal for me. I've tried many programs and found that most of them stressed me out more than they'd helped me. My nutrition was off balance as I tried to quickly lose weight but gain muscle at the same time. I would tend to burn out about halfway through, feeling as though I was far in over my head and I'd never get it right. After working with Shannon, I feel refreshed and renewed. Shannon has put me on a path where I have a strong fitness and nutritional foundation that I can use to grow in the time to come. I have been able to quiet the perfectionist in me and be patient and kind to myself. I have seen real physical and mental growth with this program. All the things I've learned I can use in my daily life, both in and out of the gym. It's really been an exceptional experience."

Tanya P.

"Going through Shannon’s lessons, I learned how to tailor my diet and exercise to fit ME! Finally, it wasn’t a one size fits all program where I had to try to figure it out on my own. She was there every step of the way, rooting me on and helping me tweak when I wasn’t seeing results.... I now have the tools to change diet and exercise when they are no longer serving my needs. I’m not playing a guessing game and hoping my body responds. I have more energy and feeling more confident every day. I am now living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle."

Candice B.

"Shannon is an amazing health coach! She keeps things real and speaks the truth about kicking cravings and boosting metabolism to burn fat! It's not a magic pill or a soul-sucking diet, it's about optimizing your health choices in a way that works for you, now and for years to come. I love her holistic approach that avoids dieting and restrictions. She makes the process easy and fun and caters it to YOU and your goals. If you are looking for support with healthy weight loss, cravings, and being your healthiest most vibrant self, Shannon is 100% your girl!"

Lawrence T.

"I love how this 12-week course was broken down into simple, easy to digest topics. I never once felt overwhelmed. Shannon made communication so easy and I felt so comfortable working with her; never judged. I just followed what she said and trusted the process. I can't believe the transformation my mind has gone through in addition to my body!"

Jess G.

"Shannon's program was exactly what I had been looking for. After years of chronic dieting my metabolism and hormones were in need of some major repair. Having someone to help guide me through this process was key. Shannon showed me how I could live a more balanced life, finally ditch the diet mentality, and feel comfortable in my own skin."

Meghan S.

"I started training with Shannon to generally tone up and get ready for my wedding. I have always been relatively fit but wanted to look and feel stronger. From the moment I met Shannon, I felt completely comfortable with her. Through training with Shannon, my overall strength and fitness improved SO much in a short time. Each workout was completely tailored to my personal goals. Shannon listened to me and adjusted my workouts to help me progress. Shannon is careful, observant, and MOTIVATING. She makes working out FUN! I was always excited to go to the gym when I was working out with Shannon. She pushed me to achieve fitness goals far beyond what I would do on my own. I was able to lower my body fat percentage from 27% to 18% while working with Shannon. I felt and looked absolutely incredible at my wedding thanks to Shannon!"

Kristen B.

" Before working with Shannon, I had tried every type of dieting program. I tried Weight Watchers, counting macros, not eating carbs. These all work for a little bit but then you go back to the way you normally eat and the weight comes back. Working 1:1 with Shannon was an amazing experience. She taught me so much about fitness and sustainability. I learned that you don't have to track everything you eat but you should be mindful. Shannon taught me a lot about how to eat and how to handle many aspects of my life not just diet and fitness. If I had not worked with Shannon, I think I would still be in the same yo-yo dieting cycle. I would absolutely recommend Shannon because she is more than a health and fitness coach. She inspired me to break down fears I had and pushed me to overcome obstacles that I probably never would have. She is encouraging and always roots for her clients in every aspect of life. Overall, I was able to lose inches and build muscle definition. My relationship with food was drastically improved. I would recommend Shannon to everyone, she is the absolute best and so supportive."

Jackie W.


Do I need a gym membership?

Nope! In LBB, you receive a fully customized workout program tailored to at home or in the gym. This includes access to your workouts via an app to take them with you where ever you go, and full exercise video demonstrations, so no questions or guessing!

Will you write me a meal plan?

I do not offer meal plans. I teach my clients how to build a diet that helps them feel full and satisfied. I'll provide a blueprint for how to eat and you get to choose which foods to fill your plate with! In the program you also receive nutrition suggestions, grocery lists, meal templates, a meal prep breakdown, snack cheat sheet and more!

What if everything I've tried before, I've failed? How do I know LBB will work for me?

You didn't fail these previous programs; they failed you. What you’ve tried in the past didn’t work for your lifestyle, which is why it didn’t provide results you could sustain. LBB is failure-proof with the tools and systems to help you transform your habits combined with 1:1 support and accountability from me; you can’t fail as long as you show up. It is my job to help you create a routine that you can be consistent with and provide support for when resistance comes up. LBB is nothing like you’ve tried before, and that’s precisely why it works.

Does this program require me to purchase any other additional supplements?

There are no additional required purchases. Shannon will recommend tools and products that can support you on your journey however, all are simply recommendations you can look into.

What if I have travel plans during the 90 days? Will I still be able to make this work?

Absolutely! I designed this to give you the tools you need for life, and that includes traveling! I know up until now the holidays, trips, vacations, they’ve been a real struggle. You’ve likely fallen off track and gained weight, not anymore! I’ll teach you how to stay consistent while having your favorite treats and indulgences! As far as materials go, everything is accessible online, and modules/homework takes no longer than 30-60 minutes per week. You can listen to videos on the go, in the car, and stay up to date!

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