3 Reasons your Diet is No Longer Working for you

Has your diet stopped working for you? I hear it all the time, I was doing this 90-day program or following that 21-day diet but now, months later, the scale won’t budge!

 You’ve cut out every unnecessary component, the milk in your coffee, the bread on your sandwich, the glass of wine on Friday nights, and you haven’t thought of a treat in months. You’re basically eating chicken and broccoli for every meal, right?

 OY!! I have been there too, if the almond milk was sweetened I would debate avoiding it for the “Extra sugars,” you know what I mean?

 Here is something you need to remember, weight loss and fat loss are two ENTIRELY different beasts. So, eating less and less, and cranking up your cardio doesn’t ultimately mean success.

3 reason why this could be happening...

  1. The diet is focused on weight loss.

Maybe you’ve had amazing success following your diet plan, lost a great amount of weight, felt good so you figure, no need to change anything, right? However, this was a “DIET PLAN,” meaning your main focus was weight loss. So, while you lost weight, in pounds on the scale, you may have also lost precious muscle (Your metabolisms best friend).

 When your body is constantly being underfed and overworked it begins to break down muscle tissue into sugar for fuel.  What happens is this method of eating less and exercising more sends our stress hormones through the roof and since the metabolism seeks balance, as a result, it’ll hold only stubborn fat and slows your metabolic rate.

 Rather than focus on weight loss, we need to shift our focus to fat loss. A method where we are reducing body fat, nourishing our body and building/maintaining lean muscle tissue.  Focus on eating the right foods (Those high in protein, fiber, and water) more often, reducing our stress, getting enough sleep, and lifting weights.


2. Your metabolism is being treated like a math equation.

 Your metabolism is adaptive and reactive to every stimulus it is presented with. This includes sleep, stress, your environment, and even your diet/exercise. You need to understand that as you begin to cut your calories and continually eat less overtime the body fears it may starve and therefore goes into protection mode and lowers the number of calories it burns throughout the day. Think of this like reducing the amount of wood in a fire to preserve resources while still keeping the flame going.

 Because your metabolism is more this fluid wave moving with what you try, that diet you’ve been following for months, honestly, is old news to your system. It understands it and has adapted to the demand.

 You cannot expect the same old thing to work forever because you are not the same body/person you were 6 months ago. This is why there is never 1 approach to fat loss because our lives change, our body changes and we need to tweak and fine tune our approach to match that. It’s becoming the detective to your body at this moment, and while that could seem a little overwhelming, it doesn’t need to be. I recommend reaching out to a coach or trainer for support on this.

 You are unique, my friend, and deserve a nutrition regimen accounting for this! Let me remind you of something. If your focus is to “Lean down,” and your hitting 3 fitness classes in the gym and munching on salads all day every day but not seeing the results you want, something isn’t working!

While you may feel accomplished leaving the gym exhausted if you aren’t seeing the c. changes you desire, It’s time to switch things up!


3. You’re ignoring your hormones.

Now look, this isn’t your fault. You’ve been following what every other trainer or online coach out there on the market is telling you (More cardio, fewer carbs). It’s crazy confusing!

Again, our body is not a calculator. It is a complex, intricate system where everything is related and connected. While you may feel as though you’re doing everything right and following your diet plan perfectly, something isn’t working. It’s likely bigger than just your egg white omelets and green smoothies.

 You need to also respect your body as a system and prioritize actions that help keep your hormones happy (Hormones control the metabolism). Actions such as sleeping 7hr a night (minimum) reducing stress and inflammation, varying the intensity in your workouts, etc. Focusing on just the diet and expecting that to work forever is taking one piece of the pizza pie and leaving the rest on the table. It doesn’t show the entire story. So, if you’re not losing weight anymore, what other areas can you manipulate to restart the car? Where is the air leaking from the hose?

It’s not only about how much you eat but what you eat and the effect it has on your body. You cannot take a simplistic approach to shed the pounds and expect it to work forever. It’s time to figure out what works for your metabolism at THIS moment in time, and how to adjust your diet/training in the future to continue to yield results!




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