7 Habit Hacks to for Sustainable Weight Loss!

Oct 16, 2018

Have you ever felt as though attempting to live a healthy lifestyle required as much work as a second job? Between the meal prep, the hours of exercise, waking up early, counting calories, getting 7 hours of sleep, it can be exhausting!

We, simply by human nature, are creatures of habit. Everything from how we style our hair to the meal we cook when we forgot to plan dinner, is done out of routine. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, habits are defined as “A settled tendency, or usual manner or behavior; an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary.” (1) You know which word sticks out to me most in that definition? Involuntary. The fact that our habits are actions we just DO, not actions we have to think about doing.


An easy way to simplify your health and fitness journey and cultivate a fat loss lifestyle is to create HABITS that align with the final goal you’re striving to reach.


No matter the goal, here...

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When is the Best Time of the Day to Exercise for Fat Loss?

Oct 01, 2018

Early risers, weekend warriors, after- work late night gym closers. With busy schedules and jam-packed weekends often the most challenging piece of the puzzle is finding time to workout.

For some individuals, they love to wake up and move their body, for others that 5 am alarm clock is the last thing they want to hear. So when is the best time to workout? The truth is, whatever fits your schedule best. At whatever time you can consistently move your body each day; just with anything, though, each time has its pros and cons. So let’s break this down.


Morning Workouts:

Great for the early bird and often a time that is most easily attainable for consistency as long as you can wake up for your alarm. Hitting the gym in the morning hours can feel amazing for breaking a sweat not to mention short intense workouts help illicit EPOC (Excess Post- Exercise Oxygen Consumption) helping you burn more calories for the rest of the day! Some cons of the early bird workouts, however,...

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3 Reasons your Diet is No Longer Working for you

Sep 18, 2018

Has your diet stopped working for you? I hear it all the time, I was doing this 90-day program or following that 21-day diet but now, months later, the scale won’t budge!

 You’ve cut out every unnecessary component, the milk in your coffee, the bread on your sandwich, the glass of wine on Friday nights, and you haven’t thought of a treat in months. You’re basically eating chicken and broccoli for every meal, right?

 OY!! I have been there too, if the almond milk was sweetened I would debate avoiding it for the “Extra sugars,” you know what I mean?

 Here is something you need to remember, weight loss and fat loss are two ENTIRELY different beasts. So, eating less and less, and cranking up your cardio doesn’t ultimately mean success.

3 reason why this could be happening...

  1. The diet is focused on weight loss.

Maybe you’ve had amazing success following your diet plan, lost a great amount of...

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How To Stay ON The Wagon.

Aug 13, 2018

Tired of hopping on the weight loss wagon only to fall off three days, weeks or months down the road?  I know how frustrating that can be because that was my LIFE for almost 2 years straight.

I would become fed up with how I felt, start or restart a diet, then fall off…HARD!

The fall was ALWAYS worse than the diet, because I struggled for twice as long to get back to my feet.

But here is what I was missing.

I was FAILING because I was pushing myself to extremes. I failed because I expected unrealistic terms of myself. I forced myself to live inside a box (A diet) that was unsustainable, and that was SOLELY why I failed.  It was NOT because I, myself, was a failure, though it sure felt that way. It was the method I was using to reach the goals I strived for.

How do you stay on the wagon? You REMOVE the wagon entirely. It is about BREAKING the belief that there is an on/off switch of when you follow your diet or begin a workout routine.  Take away the exit door,...

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Upgrade your Morning Drink! The Perfect Match-a!

Aug 02, 2018

I never saw the appeal for coffee, maybe it was the smell or the taste that I couldn't get past, regardless I still to this day haven't had a cup.  I have, however, always been a fan of green tea, so when I came across Match, I found my morning GO-TO. You may just want to check it out once you hear all the incredible benefits of this extremely popular green drink!


So, what is Matcha? Matcha is powered form of green tea that comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant. The leaves are ground up once the stems and veins have been removed and the resulting product is known as Matcha. One of the most beneficial aspects of the process of creating this tea is the abundant amount of nutrients obtained from utilizing the entire tea leaf, and the resulted increased amount of caffeine and antioxidants produced.


High In Antioxidants

Matcha is extremely rich in antioxidants, about 137x the amount of a regular cup of green tea. Not to mention just 1 cup of this...

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Why Counting Calories Isn't the Only Answer

Jul 30, 2018

When I was first attempted to lose weight and burn fat I immediately began with counting my calories. Looking  up "How to lose weight" online and the advice mainly says it's calories in versus calories out, a simple, easy to understand method. Burn more calories than you eat and bam…you will lose weight.  Unfortunately it is NOT that simple. Assuming that you can alter the amount of calories you consume, and then your body will respond with linear weight loss is well...one-dimensional.

Concentrating solely on the calories excludes two CRITICAL components that can have an effect on many areas related to our metabolism and weight - our personality and hormones.  One food that may cause inflammation for one person may not for another. Food that makes you feel full and satisfied, may lead to cravings for another friend. Every person is different and unique to their own wants, needs and desires. Our bodies, metabolisms, DNA, family histories, personal preferences,...

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Let's be S.M.A.R.T. about Fat Loss

Jul 16, 2018


Real results come from getting CLEAR on what it is you're working towards. Sure you can say "I want to lose weight," or "I want to be leaner," but at the end of the day, those are simply words. What you need is an action plan, so let's create one together! 


Habits are created from CLEAR goals.

How do we set clear goals? By getting SMART about our intentions!

Smart Goals stands for goals that are:

1. Specific (What EXACTLY do you want to achieve?)

2. Measurable (Put a concrete number or feeling with the goal, something measurable.)

3. Attainable (Ask yourself, is this a realistic goal I can achieve? Reach for the stars, but keep one foot on the ground.)

4. Relevant (Is this goal what you genuinely want to achieve? Does it makes sense to go after it NOW?)

5. Time - Based (Pick a date at which you aim to hit specific milestones. Even if you do not achieve them exactly as planned, you are actively making progress forward; which is still a success!)


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