Why Counting Calories Isn't the Only Answer

Jul 30, 2018

When I was first attempted to lose weight and burn fat I immediately began with counting my calories. Looking  up "How to lose weight" online and the advice mainly says it's calories in versus calories out, a simple, easy to understand method. Burn more calories than you eat and bam…you will lose weight.  Unfortunately it is NOT that simple. Assuming that you can alter the amount of calories you consume, and then your body will respond with linear weight loss is well...one-dimensional.

Concentrating solely on the calories excludes two CRITICAL components that can have an effect on many areas related to our metabolism and weight - our personality and hormones.  One food that may cause inflammation for one person may not for another. Food that makes you feel full and satisfied, may lead to cravings for another friend. Every person is different and unique to their own wants, needs and desires. Our bodies, metabolisms, DNA, family histories, personal preferences,...

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