7 Habit Hacks to for Sustainable Weight Loss!

Oct 16, 2018

Have you ever felt as though attempting to live a healthy lifestyle required as much work as a second job? Between the meal prep, the hours of exercise, waking up early, counting calories, getting 7 hours of sleep, it can be exhausting!

We, simply by human nature, are creatures of habit. Everything from how we style our hair to the meal we cook when we forgot to plan dinner, is done out of routine. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, habits are defined as “A settled tendency, or usual manner or behavior; an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary.” (1) You know which word sticks out to me most in that definition? Involuntary. The fact that our habits are actions we just DO, not actions we have to think about doing.


An easy way to simplify your health and fitness journey and cultivate a fat loss lifestyle is to create HABITS that align with the final goal you’re striving to reach.


No matter the goal, here...

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How To Stay ON The Wagon.

Aug 13, 2018

Tired of hopping on the weight loss wagon only to fall off three days, weeks or months down the road?  I know how frustrating that can be because that was my LIFE for almost 2 years straight.

I would become fed up with how I felt, start or restart a diet, then fall off…HARD!

The fall was ALWAYS worse than the diet, because I struggled for twice as long to get back to my feet.

But here is what I was missing.

I was FAILING because I was pushing myself to extremes. I failed because I expected unrealistic terms of myself. I forced myself to live inside a box (A diet) that was unsustainable, and that was SOLELY why I failed.  It was NOT because I, myself, was a failure, though it sure felt that way. It was the method I was using to reach the goals I strived for.

How do you stay on the wagon? You REMOVE the wagon entirely. It is about BREAKING the belief that there is an on/off switch of when you follow your diet or begin a workout routine.  Take away the exit door,...

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3 Key Steps to Turn a Setback into a Comeback!

Jul 23, 2018

We've all been knocked down a time or two, but the worst thing we can do is stay there and wallow in self pity. Today, I want to share 3 key steps necessary to turn that experience around to propel you forward!


Step 1.  Understand it has nothing to do with your capability as a person.

Sometimes, events just happens! You get knocked down, the cards are stacked in someone else's favor, you make a mistake and you immediately start to beat yourself up about it. The first step is stop feeling sorry for yourself and accept it happened. It's okay to take a few days, or however much time you need to grieve or experience whatever the situation calls for, but once that wave of emotion is past, it's time to get back to work.


Step 2.  Review the Situation

Regardless of what happened, I truly believe there is a lesson in even the most painful of experiences. Once you have spend the time necessary to move through the pain of the situation, talk to family and friends,...

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