The Complete Guide to Healthy Eating While Traveling

Feb 15, 2019


Why is there this misconception in order to live healthy lifestyles we must stay at home, meal prep every week and be tied to our gym membership? I for one, strongly disagree in that scenario and believe life is meant to be lived, places are to be explored and there is no reason as to why we cannot fuel and support our body while doing so!

Could it present some challenges and require you to think outside the box? Yes, it very well could but I know you are resourceful and rather than feeling like a chore; today I’m giving you the ultimate cheat sheet for eating well on the GO!



If possible, opt to stay at a location such as an Airbnb or hotel room that includes amenities to cook with a local grocery store nearby to stock up for your trip. While you are at it, search local restaurants, cafe’s or coffee shops where you can find the menu online to ensure you have fresh options to choose from! You can even give the hotel a call and inquire about the...

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6 Tips to Stay on Track while Traveling

Sep 11, 2018

Being “Healthy” shouldn't feel like a burden because let’s face it, our lives are busy and we want our body and lifestyle to enhance our life, not weigh us down! It would be pointless to solely be able to “Stay on track,” when you’re in full control of the food, in your kitchen, in your house, when every circumstance is ideal.

 The real challenge happens when you’re out of your norm, on the road, when you need to put all your practice and strategy into place. Being able to navigate healthy choices on the road is about planning, preparation, and a few easy guidelines. The truth when it comes to traveling? Yes, you can lose fat, but you can also just prevent fat/weight gain. Here are 6 quick tips to stay healthy while traveling!


1. Plan ahead

Research where you are staying and stack the conditions in your favor for success. What are the local dining options? Is there a grocery store nearby? Does the hotel have a gym you can use or...

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