6 Tips to Stay on Track while Traveling

Being “Healthy” shouldn't feel like a burden because let’s face it, our lives are busy and we want our body and lifestyle to enhance our life, not weigh us down! It would be pointless to solely be able to “Stay on track,” when you’re in full control of the food, in your kitchen, in your house, when every circumstance is ideal.

 The real challenge happens when you’re out of your norm, on the road, when you need to put all your practice and strategy into place. Being able to navigate healthy choices on the road is about planning, preparation, and a few easy guidelines. The truth when it comes to traveling? Yes, you can lose fat, but you can also just prevent fat/weight gain. Here are 6 quick tips to stay healthy while traveling!


1. Plan ahead

Research where you are staying and stack the conditions in your favor for success. What are the local dining options? Is there a grocery store nearby? Does the hotel have a gym you can use or can you bring bands/light equipment to exercise in your room? Is there a fridge/microwave to store snacks and food. A few extra minutes in the booking process can make it that much easier to make your health a priority.


2. Be prepared

Pack some essentials! Knowing it’s the most challenging to find healthy options on the run, protein, and fiber especially, bring some non-perishable options to have on hand! Protein bars, protein powders, edamame, nuts/seeds packets, jerky, nut butter, and greens packets can go a long way! Don’t forget to add a reusable water bottle to the list to save the money on drinks.


3. Stick to a few staples at meals!

You can order a salad with chicken anywhere at almost any location or some variation of it. This means there is always an option on the menu to accommodate more protein and veggies. When it comes to dining out, make your meal more veggie heavy! Swap a starch for a double order of mixed vegetables, grab a small salad to start. Aim to keep two of your three daily meals clean and simple so that you can enjoy a satisfying dinner, guilt-free!


4. Pick your battles

Practicing moderation comes down to knowing when to say yes and when to say no. No food is off limits, however, you can have boundaries. For example, I have a few simple boundaries I stick to when traveling, always starting my breakfast with a veggie omelet, skipping the alcohol (Though I rarely drink anyway) and doubling a side of my entree versus ordering an appetizer.  Rather than having the bread and the wine, choose which you would prefer! Having a starch-heavy meal? Consider starting with a salad. Enjoy your time in a new area but keep in mind being out of your element doesn't give you a permission slip to throw your health away. It's very possible to enjoy yourself, great food and drinks, and still return home feeling your best. 


5. Walk it out.

Travel days are synonymous with sitting. Plane rides, road trips, overall a lot of time with very little movement. Working out on travel days, prior to hitting the road, is a great habit to integrate into your routine but when the time is tight or your days are busy; walking is always a fantastic form of exercise, especially for fat loss!  Walk to a nearby restaurant vs ordering an uber, taking the stairs over the escalator, head to a nearby trail for a hike to see the scenery! Schedule being active into your day even when you're not scheduled for formal exercise. 


6. Keep your health in mind and don’t make it about losing fat.

It can be challenging to lose fat while traveling; the unknowns in your meals, the busy schedule, but not impossible. Rather fat attempting to burn fat and add that additional pressure to your plate, use this opportunity to practice living a healthy lifestyle. Do the best you can with what you have, with where you are and allow the rest to fall into place. Just because you’re out of your typical routine doesn’t mean you need to live any differently. Remember, all options are available all the time especially food wise (Abundance mindset)!  Take this chance to solidify this lifestyle you wish to lead! Place your health first, practice moderation, enjoy your time, and then lean right back into your routines and fat loss protocol when you return home.


At the end of the day, yes you could potentially lose fat while traveling but there are a time, place and season for when it's appropriate for you! What are you hacks for staying healthy on the road? Comment below and share your favorite tip!





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