The Complete Guide to Healthy Eating While Traveling

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Why is there this misconception in order to live healthy lifestyles we must stay at home, meal prep every week and be tied to our gym membership? I for one, strongly disagree in that scenario and believe life is meant to be lived, places are to be explored and there is no reason as to why we cannot fuel and support our body while doing so!

Could it present some challenges and require you to think outside the box? Yes, it very well could but I know you are resourceful and rather than feeling like a chore; today I’m giving you the ultimate cheat sheet for eating well on the GO!



If possible, opt to stay at a location such as an Airbnb or hotel room that includes amenities to cook with a local grocery store nearby to stock up for your trip. While you are at it, search local restaurants, cafe’s or coffee shops where you can find the menu online to ensure you have fresh options to choose from! You can even give the hotel a call and inquire about the hotel breakfast or dining options in the area. Use Trip Advisor, Yelp, and other review sites to look for keywords for local options that support your way of eating. Examples include establishments that are “Paleo-friendly,” are farm fresh, or include gluten-free options.  Prior to leaving, also make the decision regarding what foods and meals you want to enjoy, and where you are going to set some boundaries. This helps spare the mental contemplation when you’re in an eating opportunity that could lead to an impulsive decision. By all means, enjoy yourself on the trip but there will be a balance between indulging and nourishing your body during your time.



Bring nonperishable items such as nut butter packets, protein powders, nuts, trail mix, and green powders along for the ride so even if you find yourself in a bind, you have a few staples on hand to carry you over until a meal. While we are on this tip, pack much more than you think you’ll need, this way you can stay ahead of hunger and avoid making choices out of desperation later on in the day.

Pack food for travel days! Whether this is a travel salad or a snack for the road, if you can bring a meal or two for the day you are traveling this can help with digestion and bloating often experienced on long trips. BONUS TIP: Many airports allow you to bring solid foods through security as long as the ice packs are frozen solid during screening! Be sure to check your local airport’s rules and recommendations!



If you’ve done your research correctly you likely know of a supermarket nearby. Make this one of the first things you do when reaching a destination. This is a great opportunity to plan if you want to dine out for all meals, only dinners, or whatever fits your schedule best. Then, purchase meals you can use on the run or ingredients to prepare back where you are staying. Salad bars are an excellent way to sneak some extra veggies or pick up a couple of microwavable options. While we are talking about greens, commit to eating a vegetable with every meal. This is going to help support your digestion and help you feel satiated even while enjoying the local delicacies.



While you’ve likely heard this tip before, I want to add pack a sponge and small container of soap so you can clean and re-use those reusable water bottles. This makes the difference! 



There comes a point, especially if you are on a road trip and not at a set destination where you must make do with the options on hand. While you can look up local restaurants on the internet, it’s helpful to have a few tricks in your back pocket. You can use many of the ideas mentioned above yet still add your own flare. For example, a pizza place always offers salads with protein toppings such as chicken or shrimp. Bring an on-the-go blender to make your own shakes or smoothies.  Many rest stops or gas stations now offer healthier alternatives such as yogurts, vegetable cups, or fresh fruit! Mix and match options or modify orders when necessary to help nourish your body as best as you can.


Travel-Friendly Options - Perishable  (Bring a Cooler)
  • Vegetables such as carrots, raw broccoli, snap peas, or roasted alternatives
  • Hard boiled eggs that are pre-peeled
  • Sliced meats- chicken, beef, shrimp
  • Pre-cooked sweet potatoes or rice
  • Pre-Packaged servings of dips or sauces such as salad dressings, hummus, or guacamole
  • Almond milk or nut milk of choice for shakes (If you keep a small container this helps reduce the need for extra ice)
  • Sliced fruit that must be kept cool


Travel-Friendly Options -Non-Perishable 
  • Protein Bars - Rxbar, Larabar, Epic Bars (Jerky), Bulletproof Bars, GoMacro Bars
  • Nuts and seeds or nut butter packets (Almond butter, coconut oil, coconut butter). BONUS TIP: Pre-measure the serving sizes of the nuts and seeds and label them on the plastic bag so there is no need to guess!
  • Homemade trail mix
  • Dried Fruits
  • Fruit that does not need to be refrigerated (Oranges, Apples, Bananas etc.)


With a little bit of preparation, planning, and a dash of creativity you can feel great even while traveling. Successful individuals simply make it happen but remember to not stress about imperfections. If you are eating nutrient dense options most of the time, you are on the right path!


Safe Travels!








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