Social Guilt For Eating Well?

Uncategorized Aug 20, 2018

You’re just minding your business in the breakroom eating your lunch but here it comes, another lunch break, another comment on your healthy salad or steamed broccoli side dish.  Tired of feeling out of place for making your health a priority? Want to learn how to tackle this situation once and for all?

Coming from someone who has suffered from digestive issues for nearly their entire life, I have been in situations such as these more times than I could count. So today, let’s go over how to put a stop to this situation once and for all so that you can enjoy time with friends and feel confident about your choices!

Something to keep in mind:

There is nothing wrong with eating well!

Unfortunately, in our world today eating healthy isn’t always the common thing to do. While it's gaining more popularity and exposure, not everyone wants to jump on the health craze bandwagon as much as others.

Remember this, when you do feel a little uncomfortable ordering the healthier alternative, you are giving your body life and feeding it what's necessary to thrive! Never, and I mean NEVER feel ashamed for fueling your body with vitamins, proteins, micronutrients and nutritious foods. Feel proud for choosing HEALTH and choosing YOURSELF.


Game plan:

     1. Come from a place of understanding and respect.

Not everyone wants to eat healthy meals, some prefer their big mac and the large order of fries, and THAT IS OKAY! The food you eat does not define who you are as a person! Keep it simple, and do your thing! It's more common for the comments to speak about someone else’s insecurities or curiosity than it does with something you're doing "Wrong." 

     2. Ask for support

Working towards a big goal? Have a race coming up you're preparing for? Tell your friends and family what you're up to and ask for their encouragement! Don't be afraid to open up and be a bit vulnerable sharing why this event or goal is IMPORTANT to you. Those who care about you will respect the dedication and cheer you on!

     3. Find your Tribe

We cannot always choose who we interact with on a daily basis, so if the first two steps have failed you, keep in mind you can always remove yourself from the situation. When in doubt lean on those who support your goals and dreams and be sure to find a community that has your back. Flood your mind with positive uplifting information, own who you are, and the choices YOU want to make.

If you haven't already, there is a tribe of like-minded individuals waiting to support you in our private community. 

Go to Project Metabolism to join!


If you want to choose the healthy option, GO FOR IT! If you want to have the pizza and beer, DO YOUR THING!

A choice is a choice, nothing more, nothing less.





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